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Add New Dependent

Each F-2 dependent must have his/her own I-20.  The F-2 dependent I-20 should be signed by the F-1 student. In order to request the I-20, the F-1 principal visa holder must demonstrate adequate funding to support the dependent(s).  Please download and complete the required Affidavit of Support, and prepare a coordinating bank statement to demonstrate funding.   A spouse dependent requires students to show an additional $5,000 in support and for each child dependent an additional $2,500 must be shown.

Once dependents have their I-20, they must either:

Apply for an F-2 U.S. Entry Visa at the US Embassy or Consulate overseas (except Canadian citizens) and gain F-2 status through entry to the US by presenting their:
  • dependent I-20
  • passport and
  • and F-2 U.S. Entry Visa (accompanied by any supporting documents) at the U.S. Port of Entry; OR

Apply for a Change of Status within the U.S.

Additional information for dependents:

Employment: F-2 Dependents are NOT eligible to work.

Travel and Reentry to US: F-2 dependents follow similar travel and reentry procedures as the F-1 status holder, but should carry copies of the F-1’s most recent immigration documents if traveling separately.