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Initial I-20 Request

After you have been accepted and paid your enrollment deposit, you may request your Form I-20 in order to apply for an F-1 student visa to enter the United States.  
  • Initial I-20 option on the request form is for students who are applying for a visa outside of the US.
  • Change of Status I-20 is for students who are applying for F-1 status within the US (by filing the form I539 with USCIS)
  • Deferral I-20 option is for students who have previously received an I-20 and need to defer to the next semester. Please submit your Deferral I-20 request after you have received an updated acceptance letter from our Admissions team.
NOTE: Initial I-20's can be issued up to 365 days in advance from the start date of the semester you have been accepted.  If you apply for an I-20 more than 6 months in advance, updated financials will be requested. Students may only enter the US no more than 30 days before the start of the semester. 

Initial I-20 Request
Initial I-20's will be sent via email to your HU email address.