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Transfer SEVIS Record to Harrisburg

Complete this request only if:
  1. you are transferring from another institution in the U. S.
  2. you have received an admission letter from Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
  3. you want a Form I-20 from Harrisburg University
  4. you have proof of finances for a year of studies
You are eligible to transfer to another school through the end of the 60-day grace period after your "completion date" (the date you complete a course of study or OPT).  Within that 60-day grace period, your current International Student Advisor may update your SEVIS record as a "transfer out" and assign a "release date." The start date at the "transfer in" school (Harrisburg University) must be within 5 months following the completion date or the next available session (whichever comes sooner). 

Avoid Delays--CAUTION--You may not use the following for proof of finances:
  • Non-English language documents (only English or official translations are OK)
  • Amounts not indicating USD equivalents
  • Any document that does not clearly show date within 6 months
  • And document that does not clearly show your name or your sponsors name as holder of the account
  • Snapshots of online banking screens
  • Employment letters or Salary statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Real Estate statements
  • Loan Applications (loan documents must be signed acceptances of the loan)
  • Life Insurance statements
  • Investment statements (unless cash value and terms of withdrawal are spelled out)
  • Valuation statements
  • Tax return documents
  • Documentation that is less than your tuition, fees and expenses as published by HU
  • Documentation that does not include amounts needed to cover any dependents (as indicated on the Affidavit instructions)