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Arrival and Check In


As part of the arrival and check-in process, you must upload copies of your immigration documents.  Please prepare electronic copies of:
  • Your Form I-94
  • Your Form I-20, signed by you at the bottom
  • Your visa stamp (except Canadians)
  • Your passport bio page, including expiration date
Maintaining F-1 Status

Each student is responsible for understanding the rules and regulations of their US visa status.  Please carefully review the ISO web site for detailed information.

Address Update Requirement

In addition, regulations state that you must update your address within 10 days. Please log in to your MyHU Portal and enter your local US address even if it is temporary.  Any time you change your local US address, you must update your MyHU Portal within 10 days.  Failure to update your local address results in the ISO not being able to process any action on your SEVIS record, including initial arrival reporting.