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Change of Status to F1 - Approval Notification

This purpose of this request is to officially inform the International Student Office (ISO) of your approval to F1 status via filing Form I-539 Change of Status with USCIS.

If you receive an I-797 Approval Notice from USCIS, please notify our office within 24 hours. It is critical that our office is immediately aware of the approval date to F1 status. Students are required to begin studying at the next available semester following the approval date on the USCIS Approval Notice. If students do not attend the next available semester, they may need to depart the U.S. and apply for the F1 visa abroad.  

Once you are registered for classes according to F1 visa requirements, ISO will activate your I-20 to confirm your approval to F1 status. 

In order to complete this request, please be sure to have the following: 

1) A copy of your I-797 Approval Notice from USCIS

2) Current address in the U.S. on file in your MyHU Portal 

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